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NJMET Joins Better Business Bureau

NJMET announced that it has affiliated with the New Jersey Better Business Bureau. Joseph Federico cited their shared business principles of customer trust and integrity for the decision to join.


Clifton, NJ, Dec 20, 2010 – Joseph Federico, Vice President and Director of Operations at NJMET, a Clifton, NJ-based company specializing in electronic component testing, announced that NJMET has joined the New Jersey Better Business Bureau.  Joseph Federico said, “We are proud to affiliate with the Better Business Bureau since we believe in the business principles that it stands for.  In a business such as ours, customer trust and loyalty mean everything.  We strive to treat our customers with honesty and integrity every day.”

NJMET founder Giacomo Federico added, “With the epidemic of counterfeit electronic components flooding the market, our customers trust our testing to tell the real from the fake.  Use of counterfeit electronic components can have dire consequences in the military, aerospace and automotive industries.  Over our 30 years in business, we have earned their trust and joining with the Better Business Bureau is another way to show it.”

NJMET’s headquarters and main laboratory are in Clifton, NJ.  NJMET has offices in London, and Denver and an additional testing laboratory in Hong Kong.  In addition to electronic component testing Joseph Federico has recently launched additional testing services for the medical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

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NJMET provides professional electronic component testing to the Commercial, Military, Aerospace, Industrial and Automotive fields worldwide. Its state of the art Mission Imposter® Counterfeit Detection Process identifies counterfeit or cloned products. For the entire list of services provided by NJMET, visit their website at file:///G:/Consulting/njmet/web5/overall_capabilities.aspx.

 To Learn More About NJMET Visit the NJMET Press Room
To Learn More about Joseph Federico Visit http://josephfedericocliftonnj.net/

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