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Clifton Laboratory Awards Scholarship Grant Program


 On June 16, 2007 Pioneer Science Academy of Clifton graduate Alyssa Longo was presented with the annual NJMET INC. Scholarship, which recognizes local students throughout the metropolitan area who excel in the fields of Science and Technology.


New Jersey Micro Electronic Testing located at 1240 Main Avenue in Clifton, and their divisions CMET (Los Angeles, CA), AMET (Shenzhen China) and EMET (London, UK) is a worldwide recognized electronic test laboratory accommodating the commercial, industrial, military and aerospace fields in state of the art electronic component testing.


NJMET Inc, representative Nicole Federico awarded Alyssa with a commemorative citation in conjunction with a United States saving  bond in commendation of her outstanding performance and positive  leadership. In addition, NJMET VP and Director of Operations Joseph  G. Federico recently presented a motivational lecture to the students of  the Pioneer Science Academy on the future of Research Science and development. Mr. Federico and Pioneer Academy principle Tolga  Hayali announced their first job workshop in where the students will work as apprentices at NJMET part time to gain field experience in electronic component research and test.

NJMET VP and Director of Operations Joseph  G. Federico recently presented a motivational lecture to students of  the Pioneer Science Academy

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